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By August 4, 2017Beans, Jacksbean Info

We are seeing signs of halo blight  and bacterial brown spot and it will be best to start the copper programs if you have not already.

With the weather patterns we have been having light hail, heavy rains and humidity do remember the copper is a preventative not a treatment. Do keep in mind even though there has not been any significant western bean cutworm counts, we feel its a good time to add some insecticide to the mix. We don’t believe that adding a foliar feed with the copper is a good idea, we have seen some burning of the beans with the mixture in the past.

Most of you have blooms and small pods and should have all or at least 90% of your nitrogen applied.  Of course water usage is going to vary by soil type and the amount of rainfall you have had.

With all the crop canopy we have at this time  conditions are right for white mold.  Keep an eye out for it.

For those of you using labor make sure to keep out of the fields when wet.

Mark Your Calendars:  August 15,2017  10am

As most of you know we have a snake oil challenge going on in some kidney beans. We have four companies with the cooperation of Steve Wallin. They are testing their particular products in large field trials. We will have a tour of these fields. We encourage you to attend as John Kempf from Advancing Eco Ag will be here to speak. We also hope to have a representatives from the other companies as well. We promise it will be an elightning couple hours.         Watch here for directions to the plot.

As always if you have any questions call Jerry Haynes or Donia Taylor

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